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Use ILT or instructor-led training for an enhanced learning experience for the participants. We create and deliver all the content (i.e. eBooks, Demos, PPT slides, Handbooks, Quizzes, etc.) you need to facilitate the ILT to your participants.

Who Can Benefit from Our ILT Content?


Enterprises from various industries can significantly benefit from the best ILT content. Some of the main industries to derive value from our ILT content are corporate enterprises, healthcare, manufacturing, technology and IT firms, financial institutions, government agencies, etc.

Online Training companies

Online training companies will get better learning outcomes when they incorporate ILT content in the eLearning solution. The best instructor-led training facilitates flexible learning and a deeper understanding when backed by the best content.

Our ILT Content Variation

Presentation Slides

We provide the ultimate support to your participants with our carefully designed PowerPoint slides which usually contain texts, diagrams, charts, etc. for better understanding.

Demo Documents

We create the Demos using which the participants get real-time scenarios on how to use the theoretical knowledge in practical situations.

Participant’s Handbook

Our finely designed eBooks and handbooks leverage the key information, exercises, supplementary material, real-world examples, and clarifications most effectively.

Assessment Tools

Our instructor-led training content contains assessment tools such as quizzes, tests, gamified elements, and others. These activities highly enhance focus on learning.

Why choose us?

We Design for Diverse Audiences

We create ILT content for diverse audiences across diverse industries. Instruction-led training content helps in skill development, training on the latest technology, compliance training, educational lessons, large corporations, and many more.

Dynamic Content Boosts Engagement

A dynamic resource of learning always holds participant’s interest in the program. Hence, we offer different types of PPT slides, Demos, Handbooks, eBooks, etc. Use additional interactive elements to keep it more engaging.

Aligned with Organizational Goals

We respect the diversity among different businesses. So, we offer personalized instructor-led training content to every organization. We make sure the content is in complete sync with your unique goals.

Expertly Crafted Training Materials

Our expert curated training materials guarantee maximum impact, engagement, and relevance which fosters an immersive learning experience.

Comprehensive Training Content

Starting from technical and compliance training to leadership development – we provide a vast type of ILT content covering diverse industries as well.

Proven Track Record

We commit to excellence and thus we have been trusted by the leading organizations in multiple fields.

High-Powered Team Collaboration

We have an experienced and dedicated team of Content Designers, Curriculum Creators, Research Analysts, and Instructional Designers who collaborate to create the ILT content.

Engaging Power Point Presentations

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