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LearnkartS aims to transform the modern-day education by integrating cutting-edge learning solutions. We empower institutions, enterprises, and skill training providers to transcend their traditional boundaries. As a leading eLearning content provider, we help you create a dynamic learning environment for today’s learners.

Customized e-learning Services

Tailored e-learning solution

Our customized e-learning content is tailored for you in every way possible. The experts in the content segment fulfill all your requirements and work on your reviews. Our custom eLearning content development creates the highest impact on learners and helps them fast forward their skill development journey.

Enterprise e-learning solution

Use our Customized eLearning solution along with microlearning solution for all your organizational learning needs. Starting from product description, and workforce development to employee onboarding – everything gets seamless and faster when we design it.

Interactive multimedia

Our unique way of using multimedia in our e-learning courses makes it appealing to the learners.

Off-the-shelf Learning Course

Instant access to quality content

Why set up an internal team to create a course? We already have a rich library full of ready-made courses based on the latest industrial needs. Pick what you need and start your employee development program immediately.

A broad range of topics

As one of the leading off-the-shelf eLearning content providers, we cover a broad range of domains such as DevOps, Cloud, Project Management, Salesforce, Programming Language, and AI. All our off-the-shelf courses are designed for bite-sized learning.

Self-paced learning

The entire range of our ready-to-use courses is completely self-paced. We created the courses keeping the time constraints of working employees in mind. We want everyone to create a balance between work, life, and development.

Ready-to-deploy certification

Certifications are a way of validating one’s skills. Thus, employees feel secure when their skills are validated by certificates. We provide certification after the completion of all our off-the-shelf courses.

Digital Transformation for Universities and Colleges

Quality enhancement while digitalizing

We do the Digital transformation for the university. But our extra effort to make the curriculum more attractive and interesting makes us stand apart as an e-learning content developer. So, you get digitalization and better quality of your courses at the same time.

E-learning curriculum makes your brochure attractive

As an institute, your brochure will look immensely powerful and attractive when it includes e-learning programs. Enjoy a shift into admissions with a digitalized university curriculum.

Lift your existing content to industry standard

Are you sure that your existing e-learning content is completely industry-aligned? If not, your students are not getting the top-notch education they deserve. Well, give it to us and we will make it up to industry standard.

We cover it all

We do not only digitalize the eLearning university curriculum but all when it comes to academics. Starting from K-16 to postgrads, law, management – you name it, we do it.

More Offerings

Hands-on Demo

Who doesn’t know that theory is not enough to understand complex subjects? Well, we design the best hands-on demo videos to ensure complete and enriching learning.

Project Development

We design any kind of project for all your e-Learning needs such as course-end projects, capstone projects, or any project-based learning.

Quiz Assessment

We are well aware of the power of quizzes and enthusiastic about designing them – be they interactive or non-interactive. We create high-quality quizzes to ensure quality learning.

Case-study preparation

Our case study preparation service empowers your business by crafting case studies to simulate real-world problems and showcasing your ability to problem solve and specialized skills in any specific role.

Translation services

Our translation services are available for both text and audio – we translate them to any local or international language.

Client Benefit


Get all our ready-made, customized, instructor-led, projects, quizzes, and other offerings at the best and most competitive price. We believe in fair pricing and do not compromise on quality.


We value your brand identity. So, we can do white-labeling for all our ready-made courses.


We design our courses to support ultimate adaptive learning as everyone has different learning styles. Also, our self-paced ready-made courses are to maintain a flexible learning schedule.

Enhanced Learning Outcomes

Engaging multimedia content, personalized assessment, hands-on projects, implied gamification learning, and quizzes – we do it all for one primary reason – to get the ultimate learning outcome.

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