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Why Choose Us as your Custom Quiz Partner?

Diverse Topics

Dive into the world of our expansive library that caters to all your requirements no matter which field you belong to. We design engaging and Interactive assessment solutions for a diverse audience.

Expert Curated Questions

All our questions are insightfully curated by seasoned SMEs which highly elevates the understanding of the participants and drives towards success. Learning through quizzes is not only stimulating and rewarding, but also sparks curiosity.

Happy Clients

Join the community of happy learners who rave about the transformative power of our bespoke quiz development. Our engaging content and interactive quizzes make the participants’ learning journey seamless. 


We believe in making education accessible and budget-friendly at the same time. So, we essentially focus on empowering the participants through engaging eLearning quizzes without compromising on quality and breaking the bank.

We Add High Value to Your Team

We aim to drive success at every level of the learning program. Our tailor-made Quizzes for employee training enhance skills, boost productivity and foster collaboration. Unlock the highest potential of your team.

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Why do We Value Quizzes for Student/Employee Learning?

Engagement Driven

Do you know what kills learning interest? It’s monotony! We meticulously design our corporate training quizzes to be engagement-driven. It makes the entire learning experience dynamic and enjoyable.

Identify the Gap in Knowledge

Promote growth in your organization by pinpointing the knowledge gap with our carefully assembled quizzes for professional knowledge assessment. Foster further growth with required e-learning content to bridge the gap.

Challenge and Grow

Our quizzes for employee training are designed to not only test the knowledge of your team but also to propel their skill development journey. We believe growth comes with challenges.

Think Outside the Box

Our engaging e-assessment services help participants build a creative and innovative approach towards challenges. Avail our fundamental and substantial quizzes to go beyond the traditional working process and add value to it. 

Real-Time Feedback

You can make insightful and informed decisions as a professional when you have real-time feedback on the employee knowledge assessments. Transform obstacles into opportunities.

Features and Functionality

Team Collaboration

We promise a smooth partnership in making the quiz from inception to implementation. Our team of highly talented and experienced professionals will work closely with you to give shape to your imagination.

Customization Option

We strive towards making effective employee training Quizzes that perfectly align with your corporate training objectives. Take your employee training to new heights with LearnKartS’ completely customized and personalised quizzes.

Empower Your Learning and Engagement with Custom Quizzes


Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)

Participants select one correct answer from a list of options.

  • Useful for assessing knowledge, understanding, and recognition.


True/False Questions

Participants answer with "true" or "false" to statements or statements with conditions.

  • Effective for checking factual knowledge and basic understanding.


Fill-in-the-Blank Questions

Participants provide a word, phrase, or brief answer to complete a sentence or question.

  • Useful for testing recall and specific knowledge.


Matching Questions

Participants match items from two lists or columns.

  • Great for assessing associations and connections between concepts


Multiple-Response Questions (MRQs)

Participants select multiple correct answers from a list of options.

  • Suitable for scenarios where there can be multiple correct answers.


Likert Scale Questions

Participants provide a word, phrase, or brief answer to complete a sentence or question.

  • Useful for testing recall and specific knowledge.


Drag-and-Drop Questions

Participants interactively place items into designated categories or sequences.

  • Suitable for assessing categorization skills and associations.


Hotspot Questions

Participants identify a specific area or point on an image or diagram.

  • Useful for visual assessments or identifying key features.


Flashcard Questions

Participants are presented with a term or concept and must recall its definition or significance.

  • Commonly used for spaced repetition learning.

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