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Who can benefit from our tailor-made e-learning content?  

Academic Fields

There is a lot of scope for digitalizing your academic content. We can convert your curriculum into e-learning content, merge your existing video content with industry-standard curriculum, give voice-over and many more. 

Online Training Platforms

Our multimedia-rich content, interactive assessments, gamified elements, diverse course offerings, and industry-relevant content are perfect for making custom-made courses for digital skills training providers.


Enterprises in different fields can tremendously benefit from our customized e-learning solution. Use our customized Bite-Sized Learning video content for employee development, product training, compliance training, onboarding, performance support, skill-specific training, and numerous others

MOOC providers

We work with 6000+ SMEs across the globe which makes us eligible to adapt to any new learning path. Thus, we provide content on diverse fields to MOOC providers. Get your customized content according to your performance, preference, and style.

Why Choose Us? 

Expert-crafted content  

Our highly experienced team of customized content development specialists combines creativity and quality to deliver with which your learners can truly resonate.

Result-driven approach

We have a proven track record of driving measurable results by creating a dynamic learning environment. Our custom-made courses highly promote growth and skill retention.

Bespoke Content Solutions for Diverse Domains

We cover a broad spectrum of fields with our e-learning solutions. We create top-grade content for K-16, professional, soft skill, MBA, MCA, engineering courses, etc. and others.

Different offerings for different needs

We aim to cater for everyone only as per their needs. Thus, the level of your unique courses will depend on factors like bite-sized learning modules animation, character animation, time to develop, frame/second, scenario, budget, etc.

Exceptional visual quality

We elevate the learning materials by creating exceptional animations. Our attention to detail ensures easy convey of complex subjects which keep learners at ease.

Immersive multimedia Experience

Our exceptionally engaging e-learning content is a result of our ability to develop multimedia immersive experiences for your learners.

Varied Customized offerings

Our diverse offering comprises customized e-learning content, instructor-led training content, hands-on demo development, project development, quiz/assessment creation, case study preparation, and translation services. Also, bite-sized learning modules and gamification elements like leaderboards, rewards, and progress tracking keep the learners motivated.

Economical Approach

We believe in delivering high value for your valuable investment. So, our economical approach gives you a high-quality, value-driven custom eLearning solution without feeling any financial strain.

Constant Support

We go beyond just content creation. Our team works closely with you and even after the content submission, we provide excellent customer care to all our clients. We anticipate and prevent all your problems.

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